Our Attorney-Real Estate department is comprised of professionals with proven track record and recognized diligence. The tasks performed by the Attorney-Real Estate Department are: 

Real Estate Investments

We assist and advise our clients in the purchase of real estate (apartments, houses, developments, farms and sea club golf country clubs), all running the country after obtaining the well according to the needs of our customers, the making of contracts that best meet the needs thereof. Advise construction companies that develop construction projects in our country, putting together the necessary documentation, providing the peace of mind and security to our customers from the acquisition of land, the provision of rules of ownership, the sale of the units and any other transaction required in these cases.

Agricultural investment

We prepare the necessary contracts for the purchase and / or enjoyment of rural properties, selected for livestock and agricultural investments in all departments of Uruguay whether purchases, grazing contracts, leasing contracts, etc..

Industrial Plants

We advise our clients to acquire property in different areas of our country used to be earmarked for commercial and industrial activities, processing the relevant tax exemptions to government agencies.


We make contracts guarantee loans from Financial Intermediation Institutions or individuals, as well as preparation and control of such guarantee contracts debtors. Bail Bonds.

Other functions of the Department

We carry out all the tasks that our profession offers rich, for example but not limited to include: research and preparation titles for sale, powers, mandates, representations, Probate. Donations, Wills, Transactions, Statutes of Foundations, Associations NGO type, Inventories, Protests, Minutes, Notices, Findings, Corrections Games, Awards, Diplomas of movable property - such as cars, ships, aircraft, Separations Property, Wills, Recognition of natural children, marriage contract, Partitions. Urban, suburban and rural Leases, Assignment of hereditary rights, Assignment of receivables, payment cards, Annuities, Business Companies, notarial certificates legal situations, Advance Directive, Anticresis. Estheticians. Condominium Terminations.

Voluntary processes

Counseling and voluntary sponsored processes jurisdiction, such as: Venias or authorizations succession processes, Rectification Games, Expedition reprints, Dissolution and liquidation of conjugal society, judiciary Disenrollment mortgage, judicial Title Deeds. Conservatorships. Guardianship.

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