Scribes Nicola Di Bello Podesta and Nicolas Reino Berardi, together with Lawyers, Auctioneers and Appraisers are responsible for carrying out a study with seriousness, commitment, efficiency and diligence.

Our activity is based on a strict adherence to ethics, that puts the values ​​of integrity, legality and confidentiality.

We prioritize a personalized service in the execution of our professional services supporting our clients grow their businesses, their business interiorizándonos thus determine how best to meet their business interests, betting stable and lasting relationships with our customers.


- Notary Nicola Di Bello Podestá.

- Notary. Auctioneer. Nicolás Reino Berardi.

- Dr. Rdor. Servando Echeverría Martínez.

- Dr. Manuel Echeverría Martínez.

- Auctioneer. Servando Echeverría Olalquiaga.

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