The Litigation Department is composed of lawyers with extensive litigation experience, who work assisted by specialists in each field, in order to assure their customers the best and most efficient defense in all cases.


The commitment of the professionals Litigation Department is to give the best customer service at a reasonable and cost efficient. Advice and advocacy on issues including tort law:

* Liability

* Liability for traffic accidents

* Mandatory Insurance Claims Automotive. Ley Nº 18.412

* Liability for damage to consumer

* Responsibility for product damage and / or defective services

* Responsibility of media

* Medical Liability

* Liability of architect and builder

* Professional responsibility in general

* Liability for environmental damage

* Liability for damage to the insured

* Competition Law

* Corporate Law

* Defamation and Libel / Press Law

* Administrative Processes

* Precautionary Measures

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